Share The Love, Feb. 1-28, 2019, Refer a friend to our Square One account and receive $25! New to Legacy Bank? Open your own Square One account, provide us with a prospective customer and receive $25 as well! Scroll down for complete details
Whether your're just starting your personal banking journey or you have a varied and sophisticated financial strategy, it all starts at square one with a STRAIGHTFORWARD banking account.
And so, Legacy Bank offers Square One - a MINIMALIST transaction account that is fee-free and has all the basic features you need at square one... Legacy Bank VISA Debit Card, Mobile Banking with photo deposit, eBanking, Monthly eStatements with e-mail notification, Legacy Bill Pay
Square One
Square 5 Image Person making purchase with debit card and smart phone.
MONEY JAR - Money Jar is a cool feature. It's like throwing your loose change in a jar at home. Every time you use your Legacy Bank debit card for a purchase of $10 to $25, we'll throw a dime in your Money Jar. For purchases of $25 or more, we give you a quarter in cash back.
CASH BACK IN YOUR MONEY JAR - Let's say you use a card for 40 purchases of $25 or more: gas, groceries, eating out, ect. Add another 20 purchases between $10 and $25. That's $12 in your Money Jar.
Square 8 Image Person holding money jar.
Square 4 Image Person making purchase with debit card and computer.
STATEMENTS - All Square One accounts receive a monthly statement electronically. A monthly e-mail notification, text alert, or push notification will be sent to the e-mail address or mobile number provided by the customer. Statements will be available online through the customer's eBanking account, or on the mobile app. The customer has the responsibility to inform us of changes in their e-mail address and mobile number. MONEY JAR CASHBACK - Cash back will be paid at the following amounts for point of sale transactions using your Legacy Bank VISA Debit card. Transactions $10.00 to $25.00 earn 10 cents cash back. Transactions of $25.00 or more earn 25 cents cash back. Cash back will not be paid on ATM transactions or refunds. Rewards are paid and credited monthly. If you choose to close your account, any rewards accrued but not yet paid will be forfeited.
MINIMUM BALANCE - This account requires a $20 minimum opening balance. Current customers may switch from their current account to this account without regard to the minimum balance requirement. OTHER SERVICES - VISA Debit card - no fee, E-Banking - no fee, Mobile banking - no fee, Bill Pay - no fee, Electronic statement and check images - no fee, ATM transactions at Legacy Bank ATMs - no fee, ATM transactions at 100s of other locations identified in the Legacy Mobile App - no fee, Deposit using Mobile banking on your smart phone - no fee (Your carrier might charge you fees for text and data.), For a more complete list of other account services please refer to our account fee disclosure statement and deposit agreement.

Share the Love Details and Rules...

I. The campaign period is February 1-28, 2019. Refer-A-Friend bonus(es) will be paid for referrals on accounts opened and funded during the campaign period.

II. Any current Legacy Customer, including any owner or signor on any Legacy transaction account in good standing, can refer a friend to open a Square One or Win/Win account and receive twenty-five dollars ($25) once the account for the customer they referred is opened and funded.

III. Any person who opens a new Square One or Win/Win account and provides the name and reliable contact information of another prospective Legacy customer will be given a $25 referral bonus. “Prosepective customer” is a person who has not been a Legacy customer. The information must be provided at the time of the account opening. The limit is one (1) referral bonus at the time the account is opening. However, as a customer he/she has unlimited opportunity to earn the customer bonus described in item II above.